Self-confidence is key

Have you ever wondered why you believe every word spoken by an orator? What gives them the qualities that are admired by people around the world? These are some of the questions that I pondered upon when I first watched a TED talk. As you may have already presumed from the title, the answer to these questions is self-confidence.

Self-confidence is the feeling of trust in one’s attributes. Well, that is the simpler definition. To be more precise, self-confidence is the sum of self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Self-efficacy is one’s ability to achieve his or her goals. This is the type of confidence which is closely linked to hard work. It shows people that hard work can lead to success and thus causes them to accept tougher and more rigorous challenges while also being persistent towards setbacks.

Self-esteem is the confidence and respect in one’s abilities. People with high self-esteem believe that they can cope with anything going on in their life and that they deserve happiness. A lot of the times, especially with the younger generations, self-esteem is controlled by the people around you and whether these people accept you or not. However, it also comes from the sense that we are behaving virtuously and that we have to ability to face any challenge if we set our mind to it.

To explain this idea in a more dynamic way, you could think about an entrepreneur pitching his or her ideas to a group of investors. In most cases, people are reluctant to invest in a project that is being pitched by someone who is agitated, fumbling or overly apologetic.

On the other hand, people may be eagerly persuaded by someone who speaks clearly and with a loud voice, who holds his or her head up high, and who answer questions assuredly.

I believe that self-confidence is built by setting and achieving goals regularly. No matter how small these goals are, as long they are challenging your competence. The bad news is that self-confidence cannot be learned or built upon in 5 minutes, it requires patience and persistence. The good news though is that while building your self-confidence, you will also be building your success. After all, your confidence will come from real achievements.

Confident people find success by inspiring confidence in others. An entrepreneur has successfully accomplished his or her pitch if the investors are confident about the project’s success.

Self-confidence is definitely an attribute worth polishing as it is an aspect of your life which could potentially be the deciding factor concerning success. It is incredibly important because it determines how much you achieve in life while also having a major impact on your happiness.

Why would somebody want to be confident though? well, confidence is parallel to success. For example, imagine a person who is not successful in life. This person starts working harder and slowly begins achieving success. This increase in success results in an increase in self-confidence. This principal can also be applied to the same context in a different order. For example, visualise a person who has low self-confidence. This person starts building his or her self-confidence by setting goals and achieving them. These achievements are marks of his success.


Self-confidence is about control and balance. On one side of the spectrum, we have people who may be over-confident. On the other side, we have people with low self-confidence.

People who are under-confident will avoid taking risks and may never try certain activities such as running for college president. On the other hand, people who are over-confident may take on too much risk, stretch themselves beyond their capabilities and fail poorly.

It is important to be at the centre of this spectrum, meaning that you will take calculated risks while also trying hard without going beyond your capabilities.

Picture above was taken from Rachelmooretherapy.



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