Understanding Failure

Failure is not a single calamitous event. It is the accumulation of poor decision making and poor thinking. To put it simply, failure is the consistent errors made in judgement every day.

Now you may be wondering, why would someone make an error in judgement and then repeat his or her mistakes every day? Well, it is because a lot of the times people do not think it matters.

By themselves, our daily errors do not seem that important. A poor decision, minor oversight or a wasted hour generally does not result in a measurable or immediate impact.

If we have not visited the gym for the past 30 days, this lack of self-control does not seem to have any prompt impact on our lives. Since no drastic changes have occurred in our lives after the first 30 days, we repeat this error in reasoning for another 30 days. why? Because it does not seem to matter. This cycle keeps repeating itself until there is a substantial impact on your immediate life.  Far worse than not visiting the gym is not realising that it matters!

Those who eat unhealthy food are contributing to future health problems, but the satisfaction and delight of the moment clouds the consequences of the future. The regret of these judgements has only been delayed for a future time. Consequences of these judgements are rarely instant, instead they accumulate until the day of reckoning arrives and the price must be paid for our poor decisions.

Failure’s most dangerous characteristic is its subtlety. In the short term, these small errors do not seem to matter because they do not have any immediate or measurable impact on our lives. Since nothing is going wrong in our lives, since there is no instant consequence to catch our attention, we keep making the same errors over and over again.

If there were immediate consequences to our judgement error, we would take precautions and make sure we were to never repeat the act again. We would learn from our mistakes and over time achieve success.

To recognise your errors before they accumulate and cease constant repetition, it is imperative to refine your personal philosophy. Personal philosophy consists of the beliefs and attitudes displayed in an individual. If one can alter and improve his or her personal philosophy, he or she will be able to observe and note errors in judgement and rectify them.

The picture above has been taken from Forbes.


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