Understanding and Achieving Success

It is amazing to learn about people who truly follow their dreams and achieve them. The odds were stacked against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and yet he managed to reach the level of power and prestige he is recognised for today.

Your understanding of success is always limited by your knowledge and expectations. The definition of success depends on the person who achieves it and in the context it is achieved.

Success can be winning a small argument or becoming the president of a country. Evidently, success in life has a specific context, meaning and purpose.

Since success has many connotations and subtle nuances, many people find it difficult to define and understand success. Many develop their understanding of success based on previously watched tv series and movies. Others often confuse it with happiness or wealth.

To put it simply, success is achieving your goals. These goals differ from person to person which is why success is unique to you.

Achieving Success:

There are many ways of achieving success including the one that I am about to explain to you. The simplest strategy is to align your success with your natural talents and abilities. Every person is unique in their very own way and you have to find out what makes you unique and incomparable to other people around you. This would involve the following steps.

  1. Familiarize yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. Consider your strengths to be your god given natural resource. Focus on using your strengths and shaping them into success and prosperity. Over time, polishing your strengths (specific skills) can be very helpful as it could increase the impact it would have on your overall value. Specialising (becoming expert) on a specific strength would increase your odds for success.
  2. Align your goals according to your strengths. It is important to build your dreams and aspirations around your strengths and not around aspects of your life that you want to explore. The sentence above may leave you in awe as some people may not enjoy their strengths but as I previously mentioned, this is one of the ways of achieving success and consequently the easiest. My natural talent lies in logical problem solving and not so much in physical sports. The easiest route to success would be to continue with logical thinking and taking that into consideration when choosing future careers, even if I do not enjoy it as much as football or basketball.
  3. Perseverance is an important aspect to consider when talking about success. The world is a little slow in recognising new talent and accepting it. This is where self-esteem, courage and faith play a crucial role. These 3 elements of your life will in turn help you continue no matter what obstacle you face.
  4. Always keep track of your goals and never lose sight of them. Many people get through the first three steps but then get distracted by other people and their ideas. This distraction often leads them astray from their goals and thus prevents them from reaching them. I often “zone out”or “space out”. These phrases mean that you stop noticing the actions and events that take place in your surroundings. This is a positive way of dealing with distractions and can help you focus on your goal better.

Success comes to those who are willing to work for it. There is no “short-cut” to success which is what many people look for and the reason why many people fail.

It is crucial that you always learn from your failures. Failures help you grow and develop. Learning from them ensures that you will not repeat the same mistakes and thus will help you climb the ladder to success one step at a time.

Not many people are able to achieve success because every successful endeavour demands its own price. To achieve success, you must be willing to make necessary sacrifices. A common sacrifice would be how you spend your time. To achieve success in the academic parts of your life for example, you may have to sacrifice playing basketball and instead use your time to read books and watch documentaries.

Picture above is taken from Iris.


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