Learning from your Mistakes

All of us have made mistakes or experienced failure right? That is because in life, mistakes and failures are inevitable, especially when working towards a big dream, goal or vision. What differs between people is the way they choose to perceive these mistakes. How you decide to perceive your mistakes or failures could be the defining factor concerning success in your life.

Mistakes can either be perceived as barriers or catalysts for success. Many will interpret their continued mistakes as evidence of what they cannot do.  They will take this as proof that they will never be able to overcome their challenges.

Others will perceive their mistakes as learning opportunities. They will pay close attention to their mistakes and use the information as data to make adjustments and corrections. This will increase their chances of succeeding when they try again.

History books are filled with people who did not give up on their dreams and kept failing until they finally achieved success.

Probably the most determined of those dreamers was Thomas Edison. Everyone knows about his success in creating the light bulb but did you know that he made a 1000 mistakes before making the perfect filament?

Imagine what the world would be like if people such as Thomas Edison did not believe in themselves to achieve their dreams. If they stood still after a couple of mistakes or failures. Thankfully, these people were able to overlook the narrow hole failure was dragging them in and instead, they were able to focus on learning from their mistakes. Each mistake teaching them something new, accelerating them and pulling them towards success.

What if you were guaranteed success after 10 tries at something? You would most certainly keep going right?

Would you be okay with making 100 mistakes if it would guarantee your success? Most of us would be willing to pay that price if the promise was real.

Unfortunately, life does not give us such guarantees. We will never know how many times we would have to fail to achieve success. It could take 2 or 3 times, or maybe 1000, who knows?

If you change your mental attitude towards mistakes and failures, and begin to learn from them, rather than giving up, you may be able to use them as catalysts for success. Each mistake providing you with the knowledge to refine your skills and perfect your approach.

Picture above was taken from more-sky.


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